" /> Sara's Song Golden Earrings Nightlife Learning to Fly The Rant n' Rave Project Perfectly Twisted Dance of The Dead Choice Father vs Son Home Security

Film Crewe Productions copyright 2010 Brian James Crewe  DANCE OF THE DEAD directed by Gregg Bishop, written by Joe Ballarini. Sam Raimi’s GHOSTHOUSE UNDERGROUND, LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENT. FATHER vs. SON directed by Joe Ballarini. Written by Joe Ballarini & Paul Wolff. Produced by Michael Huffington and Brian James Crewe. Starring Josh Dean, Heather Stephens, Paul Wolff and Eric Stonestreet. GOLDEN EARRINGS written and directed by Marion Kerr. Starring Julia Marchese, John T. Woods. Joe Dante director of Gremlins. Blood Cell starring Jessica Rose. Learning To Fly – 48 Hour Film Project. CHOICE – a Film Crewe Short The Huffington Post. The Rant n’ Rave Project. Sara’s Song written by Brian James Crewe and Natalie Plant. Perfectly Twisted. Nightlife – Sex Blood and Rock n’ Roll. Sex Blood and rock and roll. Neighborhood watch. High School Heroes.