.....GOLDEN EARRINGS A suspense drama written and directed by Marion Kerr. Starring Julia Marchese, John T. Woods, Lauren Mora, Teddy Goldsmith, Anthony Dimaano and Marion Kerr. Produced by Brian James Crewe and Marion Kerr. Presented by One Ski Productions and Film Crewe Productions. JOE DANTE (dir of GREMLINS) says star "Julia Marchese puts herself on the movie map with a riveting performance in an unexpected and carefully calculated chiller that delivers the goods with wit and economical style." "A modern day Repulsion" - Brian Collins, bloodydisgusting.com and "Golden Earrings is a cerebral, suspenseful tale - intriguingly told - with an affecting performance from lead Julia Marchese" - Joseph McCabe, Fearnet.com Rian Johnson (director of BRICK and THE BrOTHERS BLOOM) says GOLDEN EARRINGS is "an effective and chilling little psychological horror movie, with a terrific lead performance." WINNER audience award: best horror best at IndieSpirit Film Festival Colorado Springs 2010